Welcome To Digital-Delivery-Express.Com

Hi: My name is John Witherspoon and I am the owner and creator of Digital-Delivery-Express.Com.

My goal is to provide you with quality information, products and services, and the support you may need with them. If I don’t know the answer, I will tell you and try to find it for you. Again, if I can’t find the answer, I’ll advise as quickly as possible.

Your Customer Lifecycle Of Needs And Wants…

No one is the same when they come to you for a product, service or opportunity. Everyone needs something specifically for THEM. If you’re marketing online, first start communication and build a relationship with people.

The methods are endless, such as:

  • email
  • instant messaging
  • social networks
  • community forums
  • blogging
  • and websites

You want to show them what you have to offer and get them to your website. That takes work. Once they’re on your website (and reading the great copy you have), get their e-mail address by giving something away instantly. The instant reward keeps them interested.

Provide meaningful quality information, well written and properly researched. This adds credibility. If the copy is good, and motivates people, this will often translate into mailing list registrations, or sign ups for a newsletter, or requests for product information or even orders.

THIS is the beginning of your relationship, NOT the end. This is where you start your long-term relationship with your customer and offer value added extras to their commitment to participate. Show them how to get the best value and usage out of their purchase(s). This more than anything, will set you apart from your competition. This step ensures you word-of-mouth referrals and customer retention.

Last, but not least, provide your customers with the tools or feeling of being a valued member of a “community”. This turns them into your biggest promoters.

Your web site can use web-based relationship marketing by using either open content or premium content. Open content means visitors can access everything on the site. Premium content is limited to people who have registered their e-mail address, or have bought something. Choose what works the best before you write the right copy for the content method you opt for, and do not deviate from your plan.

Web-based relationship marketing means marketing person to person – not as a business to a person. The distinction makes a difference, as people will open your e-mails and read them rather than treat them as junk mail. This does not take a lot of money nor does it involve a huge risk. It’s simply human-to-human communication, creating bonds with your existing customers, and generating referrals (Think: more new customers).

We wish to build that sort of relationship with you and will do everything possible to offer products and services of quality, and backup our promises with good customer service.

A Bit About Affiliate Marketing…

I truly believe that the best way to get started with internet marketing is to be an affiliate of an already successful marketer. There is no gain in reinventing the wheel. That was done centuries ago and it still works, although there have been some modifications since Barney Rubble and Fred Flintstone drove the Flintmobile to escape the dinosaurs.  🙂

A Bit About Resell Rights…

I will bring you valuable resell rights products at very reasonable prices (and many freebies, too) so you will not need to stretch your  bank account or max out your credit card. I will also send you information on many of the marketing tools you need to promote your business.

Most of these topics will be discussed further in future posts on my Blog and categorized so they will be easy to find as they go below the newest posts which will show at the top of the Blog.