Why the Sex Industry Thrives on Bitcoin

The Backpage Effect: Why the Sex Industry Thrives on Bitcoin

Sterlin Lujan is a journalist, editor, speaker, anarchist, and essayist. He has been involved with cryptocurrency and Bitcoin since 2012. Sterlin is especially interested in the intersection of psychology and cryptography. He has written on behavioral economics in regards to innovative technology, and was one of the first to write about the emerging field of cryptopsychology on bitcoin.com

sexBackpage.com is a website like Craigslist, although it is more scandalous and provocative. The site was well-known for allowing sex workers to post solicitations. In 2015, the site was alleged to be permitting prostitution and propping up a sex trafficking ring involving youths. These charges were never validated, but the fallout caused a shift in the way the peaceful sex industry uses money and does business. Bitcoin is now one of the main forms of currency fueling this enterprise. So how did this happen?

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Bitcoin is “Financial Dynamite”…

Bitcoinist spoke with Saifedean Ammous, assistant professor of economics at Lebanese American University, Bitcoin economist, carnivore grill-master, and author of the new book, The Bitcoin Standard.

He had many positive comments as to the success and some of the failures of Bitcoin.  The article in Bitcoin News is a good read and quite informative.

Saifedean has a very open and analytical mind when it comes to new ideas, and does a great job of delivering his ideas in a way that is easy to understand.

You can read the full article here…

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What is Bitcoin?

“What is Bitcoin?” is the third largest search on Google.

The majority of people, even those who have heard of Bitcoin, don’t really understand just what it is and how it works. It’s the same as whenever any new way of possessing wealth was introduced over the centuries.

At one time, salt was a treasured commodity and was traded for goods and services. Even seashells were at one time a form of money. There have been many other physical items that have been used as “items of value” that could be traded for other items and services that someone wanted, just like we use paper money and coins today. Probably the last physical item used to provide payment for goods and services was gold.

The problem was, carrying around a bag of salt, or a sack full of shells, or even a brick of gold, was clumsy and cumbersome. And how would you pay for an item that didn’t cost much, shave off a sliver of gold? And how much to shave off? It didn’t take long to realize physical items weren’t the answer to commerce as a whole, or especially daily transactions. Hence, the creation of “money”.

Because of all the different denominations in the world, we will simply refer to it as “fiat” money. Fiat is a Latin word that means “by decree”. That means that every country can set the value of their “fiat” currency compared to the value of another countries “fiat” currency. It’s called the “exchange rate”, which can change anytime the issuing government or “central bank” wishes.

So what is “fiat money” really worth? The paper it’s printed on isn’t worth much. It costs the same to print a $1 bill as it costs to print a $100 bill. Think about it. The value of every “paper bill” is worth what the issuing institution decides it’s worth, and that changes frequently with the exchange rate.

Not that long ago, gold was the commodity held by the government to back the printed currency, whatever denomination it represented. That idea was dropped a few years ago, so now there really isn’t anything backing up the value placed on fiat money. It’s merely that which the government or central bank places on it. And the more they print, the less it’s worth. Goods and services are not harder to produce than they were years ago, but it sure takes more money to attain them. Could that be what’s behind “inflation”?

There’s a great article on this topic on 99Bitcoins website. And they also offer a “Video Training Course” that explains Bitcoin in everyday language. You can read it here… – It’s called “Bitcoin Explained Simply for Dummies”.

Now that doesn’t mean you’re a dummy. It’s just an expression used to describe people who don’t know much about Bitcoins and Crypto Currency. 99Bitcoins publishes a lot of information for newcomers to Crypto Currency. It’s a very “Newbie Friendly” website and is worth subscribing to their newsletter which means you’ll know more about Crypto Currency than 95% of the population.

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I will only try to guide you to a profitable experience with Crypto Currency while it is still young, having only been in existence since 2009. Although there are risks involved just like with any other investment, it isn’t hard to find profitable and stable investment platforms. I’m in a few, and I’m making money. So can you, by joining me here…

Digital currency is definitely becoming the “worldwide accepted instrument of commerce”, and it can’t be stopped! So learn about it and get started, or look back years from now and wish you had. You’ll see why when you read more articles.

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Bitcoin Exposes Central Banks’ Currency Manipulation and Capital Controls…

Now bitcoin can provide economic researchers a new tool for exposing both currency manipulation and capital controls, in a way never thought possible before due to a lack of a perfect benchmark. This is done using similar methods to those arbitrage traders employ, comparing prices in different cryptocurrency markets around the world.

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A Review of ViralPLR…

In this blog post, I will give you my personal review on a brand new site called ViralPLR.

There’s been a lot of garbage and hype out there about the latest and greatest tool that can make you rich overnight. Don’t be fooled because there’s no such thing. There really is no magic pill to riches. What you need is a product which you can sell online, and a system that can build all this for you. Well, today I’m proud to recommend ViralPLR.

What is ViralPLR?

It’s a site where you can get access to a brand new, rebrandable product every single month. These products are information products based around hot topics related to Internet marketing and self-improvement — both proven to be big markets where a lot of money can be made.

At first glance, you’re probably thinking that ViralPLR provides PLR (private label rights) products. Although they do provide private label rights in its upgraded “Gold” membership (explained later), but if you sign up for free you get rebrandable rights. What this means is that each product is rebranded with your details such as your name and website on the eBooks’ title page so it appears as though you authored the eBook.

This gives you a huge advantage because 1) you don’t need to write a single word and 2) you build your credibility and authority. The rebranding of each eBook is done automatically using the ViralPLR Rebranding tool. You don’t need to mess around with document editors and PDF.

How Does It Work?

After you’ve signed up to ViralPLR, you can access the members area and the product of the month. Follow the steps that are shown in the members dashboard. You want to make sure you fill in your details correctly as it will be used on the current eBook and every other eBook you receive each month when a member downloads your rebranded eBook.

You are given a unique promotion link to promote each product. There’s a link to promote the product as a lead generator and a link if you want to resell the product to make money.

If you want to use it as a lead generator, it will use the ready-made “squeeze page” where people can sign up to download the product. If you want to make money, it will use the sales page where people can purchase the product where you’ll get paid per sale.

The best part is that any leads you generate will be stored in the ViralPLR Email System which you can then use to broadcast any emails like an offer or newsletter to your leads. This makes it one powerful system in my opinion.

What Are The Benefits of ViralPLR?

Firstly, it’s going to save you time and money by not having to create new products, designing web pages, web hosting and writing. You don’t need to be a tech wiz to figure out how to use and make it work.

I checked to see the quality of the eBooks you receive and they are top-notch. They are written by US based writers so you can rest assured knowing the eBooks are high-quality. Each product is approximately 40-50 pages, not some 10-page report that’s worthless.

Each product comes with a squeeze page which is used to collect leads. Each product comes with a sales page that’s ready to make sales. As I mentioned before, you don’t need web hosting. Everything is hosted in the ViralPLR server. Plus, you don’t need to register for domain names. You are given a unique link to promote each product. It’s that simple, really.

As you generate more leads into the system, your income grows. As they say “The money’s in the list”. You can broadcast any message you like to the leads you generate using the ViralPLR Email Broadcast System. Simply insert your email, submit and your subscribers will receive your message.

You’re getting a fresh product every month without writing a single word. That’s a time saver because you and I both know that it would takes days to write a 40 to 50-page eBook.

How Much is ViralPLR?

Access is free. Yep, zero dollars. In my opinion, they could have easily charged $97 a month for this service. You can sign up here…

Are There Any Upgrades?

Yes, there is “Gold” membership upgrade which gives you several other benefits such as the complete private label rights and ability to integrate your own autoresponder with ViralPLR. The upgrade alone is worth a lot more than the cost of producing a product each month. If you were to create a product yourself, it would cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars to produce.

You will see the upgrade after you sign up and can make a decision on whether it’s something for you. In my opinion, having the private label rights is an advantage because you can fully customize the contents of the product in any way or form.

The Verdict!

If you’re looking for a way to build an online business, this is a great way. This is especially valuable for beginners since there’s almost zero technical work that needs to be done on your end. Even if you’re looking to make more passive income on the side, this is definitely a must-have to add to your income streams.

My recommendation for you is to sign up now. It’s a no-brainer. Best of all, it’s free.

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