A Review Of Fugly Banners…

If you are using Traffic Exchanges to bring traffic to any of your websites or offers, you will occasionally need to create a banner for them, especially if they are your own.

And professional graphic artists can be very expensive. Sure, you can find cheap prices on sites like Fivver, but by now I hope you realize that “we get what we pay for”. How many back and forth emails are you willing to send and receive before you get a finished product of your liking?

Wouldn’t it be a lot nicer if we could create our own banners?

There are lots of programs on the Internet to help the ungifted create banners, and as one of the most artistically ungifted people in the world, I need all the help I can find. I can hardly write my name legibly. So I did a search for programs to do it for me and after looking at several, decided on Fugly Banners. Wow, what a great choice.

At first I joined as a free member to test it out. It wasn’t long before I realized the advantages of upgrading. Right now, they are offering a Lifetime Membership for a very low price, but only until launch. Then I don’t know what it will be – perhaps monthly, so get in now and upgrade. The big difference is that the Fugly Banners Logo will be removed from the banners you create. This alone is worth the low upgrade price, and right now it’s a Lifetime Upgrade.

With Fugly Banners you can create unlimited banners in nine sizes. They provide Clipart, cool fonts, tons of colors, and templates to fit most needs or import your own. You can also edit the banners you have already created and you can clone them to use elsewhere. All your banners are hosted on their site, so you can get back to them easily, and you can also download them to your own computer to have at your fingertips. How cool is that…

The only negative thing I have to say about Ugly Banners is, why didn’t I find them sooner… Hats off to Carl Bailey for coming up with this one!
Check it out for yourself by clicking here… Fugly Banners

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