A Word of Caution…

In the emerging world of Crypto Currencies, there is a lot to learn before becoming a knowledgeable investor. And there are a lot of SCAMS to watch out for, too. Great sales pages can easily convince the unknowing that their program is just what you have been looking for, and without any way to check them out, we blindly jump in, hoping to fulfill our dreams of wealth.

But there are legitimate programs to invest in, it’s just knowing which ones. And to the uneducated, this makes investing very scary. That’s why many don’t invest. They just sit on the sidelines and watch, like I did for too many years. So now, I’m trying to catch up at much higher prices than were offered, and prices that increase almost daily. Luckily, I have the time to study many aspects and programs, and make small investments where I can to try to identify legitimate programs.

One such program I found recently is InfinityTrafficBoost. ITB is a SafeAdCommunity based on advertising your product or program.

That means that they do not allow advertising for gifting, misleading, unsustainable or illegal revenue shares, paid crowd funding or similar money games that do not include a legitimate product or service.

Just like any other safelist, you can collect credits by surfing other members’ sites. These credits can be used to upgrade your account, or withdrawn to a wallet of your choice after a certain qualifying amount.

You can add Advertising Campaigns which will be viewed by all ITB members when they are surfing for credits, and all these surfers are crypto owners, interested in making money as well as gathering advertising credits.

Here is a list of specific programs that are not allowed. Please do not advertise these types of programs as noted above and below, and ITB will update this list as information comes available. For now, I am taking their word for it.

adsptp.com (Adult content ads & frame breaker)
autobitcoinbuilder.com (Stopped paying out)
bbmoney.club (Doesn’t pay)
bitcashminer.io (Doesn’t pay)
bitcoin-maker.biz (Doesn’t pay)
bitcoingenerator.com.ru (Doesn’t pay)
bitminer.io (Doesn’t pay)
bitsminer.io (Doesn’t pay)
btcminer.services (Doesn’t pay)
btcprominer.life (Doesn’t pay)
ethminer.io (Doesn’t pay)
ezminer.co (Doesn’t pay)
futmoney.win (Doesn’t pay)
globalwealthassistance.net (Ponzi, doesn’t pay anymore)
icoinprosuccess.com (Pyramid scheme)
kryptomachine.com (Doesn’t pay)
laser.online (Ponzi scheme)
ltcminer.com (Doesn’t pay)
ltcminer.io (Doesn’t pay)
memoney.site (Doesn’t pay)
osmium.center (Ponzi scheme)
qoinpro.com (Doesn’t pay)
startminer.com (Doesn’t pay)
xutmoney.loan (Doesn’t pay)

The above list of programs to avoid was taken from the Infinity List Builders site, so I personally cannot judge its accuracy.

You will want to bookmark [CTRL+D] this post for future reference to avoid the pitfall of joining the wrong program…

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