An Ancient Chinese Story With A Message…

There is an old Chinese story of a young boy who lived in a small village. His family were farmers for many generations. The young boy did not like this life, and dreamed of a better way to live.

One day he decided to leave the village to follow his dreams, and he hiked up the mountain, as there was no visible way to get out of the valley surrounded by the mountains where his family had lived for centuries.

When he walked a fare distance up the mountain, he met an old man sitting on a tree stump.

He told him what he was looking for, and the old man told him that he can find a treasure if he wanted to, and he pointed him towards a cave. The boy stood there for the longest time trying to find the courage to step into the cave.

Finally he decided he was too afraid of the possibility of animals and monsters eating him alive, so he headed back to the village and lived his whole life as a farmer, as all his family had also done for centuries.

What was in the cave?

The cave was a tunnel that led to the big wealthy cities where he could live his dreams.

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And, thanks for reading…

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