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The following information was sent to me by a good friend in China.

Bitcoin is banned in China, but all the facts ignore that, and so do the members of the Government (they still buy Bitcoin), and there is still access to all Bitcoin sites.

The only thing that has happened is the Chinese Exchanges have closed. The biggest bank in China is also one of the biggest banks in the world, and they are also buying a lot of Bitcoin.

It is foolish of the government to try to stop something that they have no chance to stop. The Bitcoin market in China has never been bigger than just now, where it is banned.

In 2014 it was also banned in the USA, and the same thing happened there in the Bitcoin market. It grew in the time it was banned.

Who has the power, the Governments or those with the capital? It’s definitely those who have the capital

Why has Bitcoin been a very big success? Because Governments around in the world print too much paper money. So far, all Governments have proved they are not able to control their own currency, and that’s the reason Bitcoin is such a big success. It is too late for governments to try do something, because the big capital is already buying Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies like crazy.

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