Are Crypto Currencies The Money Of The Future?

Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin are taking over from many country’s currency as the most reliable way to do business internationally and even locally, especially in countries with unstable currency. Venezuela for one has recently stated that they will adopt a crypto currency backed by oil as their national currency.

At present, it is difficult to do many things with $10,000 or more, but with crypto no one cares, even if it’s over $1,000,000 or more. Big businesses making deals internationally don’t need to follow any government rules telling them what they can and can’t do. It makes buying a factory in another country almost as simple as buying a chocolate bar at your favorite convenience store.

Why is this? Crypto currencies are not controlled by any bank, government, or financial institutions of any kind, so they can freely be passed from one individual or company to another without interference. Also, while governments continuously print more money which devalues any current money in circulation, crypto currencies are “capped” so no more will ever be released, causing them to go up in value instead of down like regular paper money, also known in the financial world as “fiat” money. Some of the wealthiest  people in the world like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are speaking positively about crypto currencies as being the way of the future.

One of the great features about crypto currencies is that anyone can start earning money with as little as a $10 or $20 investment, and there is really no limit as to the ceiling someone puts on their investment. It all depends on how fast the investor wants to see a satisfactory return on their investment. The investors age has a lot to do with it. The younger a person starts on this path, the longer they have until retirement, and the more money they will make with smaller investment amounts. Plus, they will probably be able to retire at a younger age than what is considered normal.

There is also a lot to learn about investing in crypto currency. It’s a simple process, but mistakes can be costly and investments can be unrecoverable because of a simple thing like a typing error. This is because crypto currencies do not exist in a physical sense like gold, silver, or even printed paper money. They are merely “addresses” that exist between computers. These long encrypted addresses are the way crypto currency passes from one owner to another. Just one wrong character and it’s gone forever, one of the praises of “copy & paste”.

There are a lot of “ups” and “downs” in the crypto world too, just like in any normal stock market. Prices are a direct reflection of demand, and the most popular currencies demand the higher prices. Bitcoin for example, has increased over $15,000 and over 2,000% in the last year alone, making it difficult for new investors with limited funds to invest in. But even a few dollars in now might have surprising results. Some economists have predicted that Bitcoin may go to $1,000,000 and some are also saying that 2018 is going to be a year of massive changes. Mind you, these are only predictions with no guarantees, like most things in life. Everything anyone does in the Crypto World is their own responsibility, and theirs alone.

What are the risks of owning crypto currency?

The risk of owning cryptocurrency is pretty simple. You could lose money… 🙁 but that’s no different than the risk that comes with any investment. Every sane crypto investor understands this.

What about the risks of NOT owning cryptocurrencies?

Those are very real too…

When a country’s currency is devalued so much that it’s people can’t afford to buy the essentials of life, what then ~ crypto currency to the rescue. It’s value has no dependence on what any country’s currency is worth. Therefore, those who own some crypto can survive quite nicely – those who don’t will suffer. Simple! And as a country’s currency loses value, crypto gains.

The following example is all hypothetical and is not based on any real facts – it is only an example…

Say you started a savings account when you were around 20 (which most 20 year olds don’t do), it would have increased in value according to the amount you invested in it and the interest rate the bank was willing to pay you for the use of your money. Now when you started this account, your goal was to save $100.000 by the time you wanted to retire. At that time, $100,000 was a lot of money to retire on.

So you saved some of your earnings every month for 40 years, and with your additional deposits to that account and the interest added to it by the institution, your savings account was nearing the goal of $100,000. Great! So now after slaving away for 40 years you want to retire, and suddenly realize that $100,000 can’t buy what it could when you initiated this awesome plan. Today and at today’s bank rates, you certainly cannot live on the interest alone generated by this amount of money. It lost it’s value due to inflation.

But, if you invested even part of this money in crypto currency when it started, the results would be a lot different.

Bitcoin was offered at around $13 each in 2013. At the time of writing this post, Bitcoin was worth over $13,975 each. That’s an increase of around 1075 %. No savings account ever paid this much. You can do the math yourself but, for every $100 you invested in Bitcoin at that time, you would now have $107,500. And that’s only for a one time investment of $100. Just think what you would have if you regularly invested a part of your paycheck every month. Now Bitcoin could not always be purchased for $13. But for several years it moved slowly, mostly because of disbelief that it would ever amounting to anything. So for many years, more Bitcoins could still be purchased for a very special price

It wasn’t until 2016 that the increases slowly started and in 2017 huge increases took place. For several days now, there have been a lot of ups and downs, and most since the convention in Malaysia that took place at the end of November, 2017. All I hear are rumors that crypto is about to explode worldwide, but haven’t seen any details.


This snapshot is where it’s at on Dec 8, 2017. Sorry, it’s a bit hard to see but that’s what I got  🙁  But it does show what 1 Bitcoin was worth that day.

Now for the good news… You don’t need $16,034 to get started. There are sites that pool small investors like you and me, so that we can invest a few dollars and still reap the benefits of the “big guys”. You can invest as little as $20 and have a very small share of a Bitcoin, or some other crypto currency. (I have more currencies than Bitcoin, but it is the one producing the best results) I would suggest at least $50 to $1oo if you can afford that much, and remember, every investment is subject to loss. But if it loses one day, don’t worry – it will bounce back on another day and still show a profit. I am confident of that and know that I might still lose. But the chances here are a lot better than the Stock Market ever could be. And here, a lot of experts are doing the research work for you.

Again, I must warn you. Don’t do anything you are not completely certain about. I have lost a bit of money in learning this, and retrieving it is complicated and in many cases impossible. Don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose!

Also, watch out for the “scammers” and their wild promises about “free Bitcoins”. There are a lot of reputable companies out there, and I am constantly researching them to find out why I should deal with them. All have different features, so it is important for me to find the ones that offer the services I need. And, everyone should do the same…

Getting started:

If any of this interests you, even just for the information, click the link below to get started. It’s all free to join and please, you must learn before you earn.

And, if you join from the following link, I will personally do everything I can to assist you – no BS – if I don’t know and can’t find the answer to your question, I’ll tell you straight out… but that will only be after doing all I can to find the answer.

To learn more, click here… and join me for the “ride of a lifetime”!

“The best time to have planted a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now!”

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An Ancient Chinese Story With A Message…

There is an old Chinese story of a young boy who lived in a small village. His family were farmers for many generations. The young boy did not like this life, and dreamed of a better way to live.

One day he decided to leave the village to follow his dreams, and he hiked up the mountain, as there was no visible way to get out of the valley surrounded by the mountains where his family had lived for centuries.

When he walked a fare distance up the mountain, he met an old man sitting on a tree stump.

He told him what he was looking for, and the old man told him that he can find a treasure if he wanted to, and he pointed him towards a cave. The boy stood there for the longest time trying to find the courage to step into the cave.

Finally he decided he was too afraid of the possibility of animals and monsters eating him alive, so he headed back to the village and lived his whole life as a farmer, as all his family had also done for centuries.

What was in the cave?

The cave was a tunnel that led to the big wealthy cities where he could live his dreams.

With us you have a real chance to make a real legitimate residual income for years, and it is a certain fact that only a few people will manage to achieve serious income on the internet, much less a passive one, where all those you help to success, create more income for you.

It is up to you how you will shape your future. Join us now to change your life. We can’t do it for you, but we really can show you how.

Just a warning, thought: If you think that the next “Shiny Object” will make you rich overnight, don’t bother to click this link. It’s really only for those who have a desire to create a better life, instead of relying on others (like the government) to take care of them when they retire or can’t work anymore. It’s estimated that the majority of Americans nearing retirement have less than $1,000 saved – wow!

The only place you will find “success” before “work” is in the dictionary. If you are really willing to put in some effort, you can easily set yourself up for a great life, financially. If you are even a bit curious about what you have read hear, you can join us “for free” and I personally will help you succeed and achieve your goals. My success depends on Your success! Click here to learn more…

And, thanks for reading…

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More About Crypro Currencies…

The following information was sent to me by a good friend in China.

Bitcoin is banned in China, but all the facts ignore that, and so do the members of the Government (they still buy Bitcoin), and there is still access to all Bitcoin sites.

The only thing that has happened is the Chinese Exchanges have closed. The biggest bank in China is also one of the biggest banks in the world, and they are also buying a lot of Bitcoin.

It is foolish of the government to try to stop something that they have no chance to stop. The Bitcoin market in China has never been bigger than just now, where it is banned.

In 2014 it was also banned in the USA, and the same thing happened there in the Bitcoin market. It grew in the time it was banned.

Who has the power, the Governments or those with the capital? It’s definitely those who have the capital

Why has Bitcoin been a very big success? Because Governments around in the world print too much paper money. So far, all Governments have proved they are not able to control their own currency, and that’s the reason Bitcoin is such a big success. It is too late for governments to try do something, because the big capital is already buying Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies like crazy.

To learn more, click here…


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Must Read Bitcoin News Article…

(Kitco News) – Bitcoin’s technology will outlive the popular digital currency, which in turn will collapse due to regulatory pressures, said one famed economist.

“My best guess is that in the long run, the technology will thrive, but that the price of bitcoin will collapse,” said Kenneth Rogoff, Harvard economist and former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), in an article for The Guardian and Project Syndicate.

Bitcoin saw unbelievable gains since the start of the year, up around 365%. It also hit a one-month high at the start of the week, breaching the $4,900 level. On Wednesday afternoon, bitcoin was last seen at $4,833.60, up 1.17% on the day.

The technology that Rogoff discusses in his commentary is known as the blockchain, which refers to encrypted distributed ledgers that cryptocurrencies operate on that make all transactions anonymous and not overseen by a central authority.

According to the economist, the demise of bitcoin will come from governments trying to control the crypto market.

“The long history of currency tells us that what the private sector innovates, the state eventually regulates and appropriates,” he noted. “I have no idea where bitcoin’s price will go over the next couple years, but there is no reason to expect virtual currency to avoid a similar fate.”

China is currently at the forefront of the move to regulate. Last month, the Chinese government banned initial coin offerings (ICOs) and shut down some cryptocurrency exchanges

Also, Chinese authorities increased their efforts to oversee bitcoin exchanges, with the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) creating a task force that could conduct inspections and enforce an introduction of anti-money laundering systems.

On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin also spoke in support of regulating cryptocurrencies.

“The use of cryptocurrencies bears serious risks,” such as money laundering, tax evasion and funding for terrorism, Putin said at a meeting of top finance officials in Sochi, Russia.

Putin also called for construction of a new “regulatory environment” to protect the business and state interests. But, he stopped short of banning anything, noting that “it’s important not to put up too many barriers.”

By Anna Golubova
For Kitco News

So far, all is well and thriving in the Crypto World, and the above figures which were probably accurate at the time that article was written have been dwarfed by recent upswings in many currencies, especially Bitcoin.

Ether is holding its own, and Litecoin, although low priced, is showing good returns.

Here I am inviting you to check these out for yourself if you click here…

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How to Create an Effective Email Subject Line…

Creating an Effective Email Subject Line is the KEY to Getting Your Emails Opened…

The subject line of your email is very important so it pays to give it the necessary attention it deserves. A poorly constructed subject line could result in your emails being flagged as spam, not opened, or a person unsubscribing. Your email subject line should always be a call to action.Using Your Email For Maximum Effect!A call to action is the action you want a person to take. It’s more than just encouragement to open the email; it’s about doing something in the email. Let’s have a look at creating email subject lines with a strong call to action.

#1 Make Your “Call to Action” Compelling…

Remember, you have only a few seconds to grab your reader’s attention as they skim through their Inbox. Make sure you include any offer in the subject line so readers immediately see what the value of the email will be. You might create a sense of urgency with your subject line, for example, “Learn how to Use  Email Marketing [Webinar in 5 Days] or [Time Sensitive Offer]”.

#2 Make Sure You Don’t Look Like Spam

You do not want your subject line picked up by spam filters or firewall filters, so you need to be cautious when you choose your words for your subject line. Be careful using words like “offer”, “free”, or “act now”. They can be flagged by the spam filters. You should also not use caps or punctuation in the subject line.

#3 Make Your Call to Action Consistent

Before a person opens their email, they might see the subject line and a couple of sentences in the preview. Therefore, those first two sentences need to be related to your subject line. They should add to your compelling offer and they should also be action oriented. Create a link in the first couple of sentences, which will take the reader to the website page where you want them to “take action.”

#4 Keep Your Subject Line Short

You should try to keep your email subject lines short. Remember you have only 45 characters for optimum length. If you go over that, your reader may not see the entire subject line. You want the most compelling part of your message right at the front of the subject line.

#5 Active Tone

The subject line should speak directly to your recipient and be written in an active tone using an action verb such as sign up, download, or learn how. This is the best way to get your email noticed.

Using-Your-Email-List-For-Maximum-EffectIf I could show you how to use your email list for maximum effect and profit would you be interested?

If you are, click here or on the book…

Just like most online business marketers, we are all trying to make more revenue from the traffic to our websites and our customers.

But are you making the most from your mailing list?

The best way to figure out if your email subject line is effective is to test it…

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