Q & A

Although many people are interested in Crypto Currencies, some don’t know where to start, so they just don’t. Crypto Currencies can be confusing, and I have certainly made a few mistakes along the way that cost me unnecessarily. Perhaps I can help you avoid some of these same mistakes so your Crypto experience is all positive.

Bitcoin.com has published several “How to” reports for beginners. But, before actually jumping onto the Crypto Train, a few wrecks might be avoided by first studying these reports, at least some of them. They don’t all apply to everyone. Some topics are definitely for more advanced users, but you can pick and chose for yourself according to your own personal interests and expertise.

Here are the links to the reports. They have not been arranged in any specific order of importance or content. Just click on what interests you most.

There is a lot more to learn as you go along, but the above should be more than enough to get you off to a good start with some sense of confidence. You are invited to visit this site often, as updates regarding Crypto Currencies are ongoing.

Also, I am a paid member in all sites advertised here. I won’t recommend what I am not familiar with.